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Cars & Coffee Cleveland has been a long standing tradition here in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area for 13 years now and counting. We are not just an automotive community, but an automotive family. With a wide array of people from different backgrounds, and an even wider array of cars, we take pride in knowing we help to create and continue on a car community open to all of us lovers and devotees of speed, power, performance, and noise.

Our team works tirelessly to organize meets, cruises, and charity events to bring our local car community together and share in our passion for all things automotive. Each year we strive to grow our events and to further evolve them. We always welcome feedback from our community to develop on, and to seek out new opportunities to work with other organizations and people to build a better Cars & Coffee Cleveland for the future generations to carry on.


With that being said, we hope to see you at one of our Cars & Coffee Cleveland Events.


C&C CLE Team


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