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What's the purpose of having a cool and fun car or truck, etc. if you don't use it on adventures? Cars & Coffee Cleveland wants to change that with more involved experiences for you and your vehicle on and off road.


Day Cruises

Come explore the highways and backroads of the greater Cleveland area for a day cruise with other car aficionados. Join the Cars & Coffee Cleveland team for a guided drive for enjoyable day cruises that end with an optional food stop for a good meal and car talk with car friends.

Weekend Runs

Is a Day Cruise too short of an adventure for you? The jump on one of our Weekend Runs! Take a weekend road trip and driving tour of Ohio along with other nearby states for a fantastic time. Members of the Cars & Coffee Cleveland team take you on curated routes that include everything from rapid freeways and backroad straights to twisty corners and rollercoaster-style elevation changes. Enjoy group dining and a variety of hotels for your overnight needs during the Weekend Runs. Drives often include State and National Parks, casinos, distilleries and wineries, restaurants, and more.

Offroad Excursions

Sometimes an adventure doesn't require pavement. Cars & Coffee Cleveland recognizes that we have a 4x4 following within our community. People and vehicles that like to explore the rugged terrain and go places no sportscar could ever go. Our team created our own offroad excursions to better cater to those who love all things offroad. Join other 4x4 offroad enthusiasts and go where the pavement does not take you.

These adventures feature a restricted number of spots to keep group sizes manageable and together. To secure your spot, scroll down to the Calendar and click Registration and make any necessary selections and payments. 

NOTE: Cars & Coffee Cleveland, Team Members, Sponsors, Partners, and Host Locations are not responsible or liable for any damage or injury sustained or citations received by law enforcement at any events we put on. We ask that all attendees and participants review our Rules to keep our events safe and peaceful for all including our cars. Thank you.

Calendar & Registration

2023 Season

April xx -- To Be Determined -- REGISTRATION


May xx -- To Be Determined -- REGISTRATION

June 11 -- Offroad Excursion (4x4 & Offroad Vehicles Only) -- REGISTRATION

July xx -- To Be Determined -- REGISTRATION

August xx -- To Be Determined -- REGISTRATION

September xx -- To Be Determined -- REGISTRATION

October xx -- To Be Determined -- REGISTRATION

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