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Many have asked for it, and now we are happy to announce that we will be bringing official Cars & Coffee Cleveland merchandise out this season!!!


All profits from merchandise sales will either be reinvested back into Cars & Coffee Cleveland to bring better experiences and shows to our car community, or all profits will be collected and donated to a charity at the end of the calendar year.

At this time we are not offering shipping of merchandise, but you can select a Cars & Coffee Cleveland event to pick up your order on the order form. Once you place your order, we will package it, and then have it ready for you when you arrive at your selected event. See a Cars & Coffee Cleveland staff member to collect your order.

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If you have any questions regarding merchandise, please contact us at


Rally Tech Radios



Reliable communications is a necessity when planning, leading, or participating in cruises and rallies. Whether it be communicating directions to fellow drivers, alerting to road hazards, directing drivers through traffic, or giving the heads up about police along the route. It is this reason that we would like to offer to our car community premium long range ultra high frequency (UHF) radios for this very purpose. We have exclusively tested these radios on other rallies, such as Ace Spade Rally, as well as through extensive highway and backroad runs to great success.


We would preprogram the radios to two Cars & Coffee Cleveland private frequencies for communications on cruises and weekend trips, but we can also preprogram additional private frequencies for your own groups, car clubs, rallies, etc.

The Radio package will include the 1 Radio, 1 antenna, 1 battery, 1 charging cradle, 1 power cord, 1 manual, 1 belt clip, and preprograming. This package is exclusively priced at $100.00 USD through Cars & Coffee Cleveland (original retail price is $220.00 USD). The price does include all taxes, import fees, and shipping.

If you would like to purchase a radio for personal use, car club, rally, etc. from Cars & Coffee Cleveland, please fill out the form below. After form is submitted, you will receive an invoice via PayPal where you can complete your purchase. Currently we are submitting radio orders from our vendor every two weeks. Since these these radios are coming direct from the manufacturer, please allow for two to four weeks delivery time. Any questions can be sent to (please put "Radios" in the subject line).

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