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Cars & Coffee Cleveland collaborates with a variety of individuals and businesses to host specific events in addition to our regular Cars & Coffee meets. Open Houses, Car Cruises and Car Shows are frequently used to highlight a business or raise funds for charity. Events like these allow us to extend beyond our car community and connect with the general community as a whole, encouraging business and bringing attention to worthy causes. Furthermore, it contributes to bringing more exciting events to all of you.

If you are an individual, business, or charity interested in working with us on an event or seeking our advise on your own, please email us at and one of our team members will contact you. 

NOTE: Cars & Coffee Cleveland, Team Members, Sponsors, Partners, and Host Locations are not responsible or liable for any damage or injury sustained or citations received by law enforcement at any events we put on. We ask that all attendees and participants review our Rules to keep our events safe and peaceful for all including our cars. Thank you.

Special Events 2023

February 12 -- Icebreaker Meet & Super Bowl Party -- RSVP HERE

April xx -- Special Event TBA


May xx -- Special Event TBA

June 17 -- Event Info Coming Soon -- REGISTRATION INFO COMING SOON

June 24 -- Event Info Coming Soon -- REGISTRATION INFO COMING SOON

July 22-23 -- Event Info Coming Soon --  REGISTRATION INFO COMING SOON 

July 28-30 -- Event Info Coming Soon --  REGISTRATION INFO COMING SOON

August xx -- Special Event TBA

September xx -- Special Event TBA

October xx -- Special Event TBA

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