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Cars & Coffee Cleveland uses a multitude of technology for countermeasures and communications during our Driving Adventures, Offroad Excursions, and some Special Events. This technology keeps our participants safe, on task and in route, ticket free, and connected and in communication with staff and other participants. We have listed all necessary information and links below to get our participants up-to-date with the latest technology we use here at Cars & Coffee Cleveland. For any questions don't hesitate to email our Tech Team at

NOTE: Cars & Coffee Cleveland, Team Members, Sponsors, Partners, and Host Locations are not responsible or liable for any damage or injury sustained or citations received by law enforcement at any events we put on. We ask that all attendees and participants review our Rules to keep our events safe and peaceful for all including our cars. Thank you.

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DMR Radio Communications

Radios are a crucial tool for our participants during drives. This helps our participants and staff stay instantly connected to each other and communicate directions, traffic info, road hazards, or vehicle issues to the group. Our Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Digital Mobile Radios (DMR) are fully encrypted for privacy and preprogrammed for our private Cars & Coffee Cleveland channels/frequencies. It is EXTREMELY ENCOURAGED to purchase a radio for any driving event we put on. Radios are not required at this moment but will be made mandatory in the very near future. For questions about our radios, or to consult with our Tech Team on other DMR radio setups (including devices different from what we offer and full built-in vehicle radio systems), please reach at

You can find our selection of DMR radios and accessories at shop link below.


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Zello PTT Communications

For local cruises and as a backup communications option, Cars & Coffee Cleveland utilizes a private Zello Push-To-Talk (PTT) channels. Zello is free to download and use for all. Access links and passwords will be available on event itineraries for participants. If you do not already have Zello downloaded and a free account created, please download and create one now. For any difficulties with Zello, please email the Tech Team at


Android and Apple app download links are below.



CCCLE - Google Maps.png

Google Maps


For all turn-by-turn navigation and directions, Cars & Coffee Cleveland utilizes Google Maps. This as a REQUIRED mobile app for those partaking in our driving events. If you are not familiar with how to use Google Maps, please spend time getting aquainted with the application, especially Pre-Downloaded Map Areas. If you have any questions regarding Google Maps, please reach out to our Tech Team at

To get the map link for a specific driving event, links for participants will be provided directly to them in the event info.

Below are links to download Google Maps on Android and Apple as well as a link for instructions on Downloaded Maps.




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This app is not required, but it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED when participating in driving events. Waze allows users to mark and see road hazards, accidents, traffic delays, and the big one, police and speed traps. We strongly encourage all participants to run Waze to protect themselves and the group during these driving events. Be sure to call out hazards seen on Waze over radio, and mark new ones on Waze yourself to keep live driving info up to date. Waze is a free app to download, and does not require a free account to use, but is recommended to sign up for one. For any questions, email the Tech Team at

Below are links to download Waze on Android and Apple.



CCCLE - Joinr.png


This app is REQUIRED for all driving events. It allows you to be able to see where all other participants are in real time. The app allows staff to track progress of driving groups (for example, people getting stuck at traffic lights through routes) and is useful for participants that stray from the route by accident. They can utilize this to find their way back to the group. We also use this app to send out updated map links when needed during driving events. Joinr is free to download and does require a free account to use. If you have difficulty setting up Joinr, please reach out to our Tech Team at

To join a Joinr group for a specific driving event, links and passwords for participants will be provided directly to them in the event info.

Below are links to download Joinr on Android and Apple.



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